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Gamma Epsilon International Collegiate Service Inc.

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Gamma Epsilon History

For decades,on campuses all over the country thousands of young men and women have joined college organizations and societies. The vast majority of these new pledged members, happy with their choice of fraternity/sorority have enjoyed their weeks or months of pledge-ship and have been initiated into full membership as a matter of course.

In the generation of the 60's, many young men and women founded or joined college fraternities/sororities,more thoughtful, more deliberate, more inclined to reject the clichés once readily accepted as validators of organizational membership. It was in this generation at the oldest university in the Philippines born one of the largest and oldest Philippine founded Service Fraternity of this time. In the College of Law of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines, A group of 23 Law scholars decided to establish an organization of their own exclusive for law students and submitted themselves to be initiated as founders. They decided to indulge through hiking initiation started at the University of Santo Tomas,Manila and ended at the University of the Philippines,
Baguio City without footwear, no food and bring only water for their resistance and whenever they were hungry they asked food from the dwellings they pass-by showing their humility and sincerity.

However, after the 250 kilometers journey through the rough highway, to the City of Baguio, only five survived what had been the greatest challenge of their lives. Atty. Isidro Vasques, Atty. Amorsolo Gaborno, Atty. Tomas Rodriguez, Atty. Wilfredo Velasco and Atty. Eduardo Cabral founded the Gamma Epsilon Fraternity and the Gamma Lambda Epsilon Sorority at the College of Law of the University of Sto. Tomas on August 25, 1963.

After the initiation of the founders they recruited law students in UST and organize the pioneering batch. They brought these ideas to the different colleges and universities all over the Philippines.

However, a motion was raised to accept undergraduate students to the group provided that he/she had acquired 72 units in college. The reason of this is to gradually establish more chapters in the regions and give opportunities to undergraduates who wish to be part of the organization. The Omega Chapter of UP-Los Baños benefited from the motion.

In the late 70's the first chapter of Gamma
Epsilon outside the country was established at the College of Law of Central University of Madrid, Spain.Next to the opening of the Chapters at the University of Honolulu, Hawaii and University of Canada, Canada. Presently there are also chapters chartered at Cholalonkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, in Colleges and Universities in California USA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Gamma Epsilon was founded in the principles of leadership loyalty, courage, integrity and courtesy.The Founders are law instructors in UST. Some of them are working in the Supreme Court and other Government agencies.

The National publication of Gamma Epsilon is the "Grand Echelon" published during the early years of the organization.

The Grand Fraternal and Sorority Board is the governing body of Gamma Epsilon.

Gamma Epsilon is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as non stock, non profit, non dividend corporation.

" Two Heads Are Better Than One "

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